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A big thank-you to CIUSSS staff

To all members of CIUSSS staff:

Although 2020 is barely two months old, the new year has already done its very best to try our patience, our stamina and our resilience.

Not only do we have to cope with the flu and other seasonal challenges, along with our usual workload, but now we find ourselves making preparations in case the coronavirus (COVID-19) casts its shadow on Quebec and our CIUSSS.

For this reason, everyone on the Board of Directors would like to express our great appreciation to each and every employee, in all professional fields and in all of our sites, for taking such extraordinary measures to tend to the needs of the many patients, clients and residents who seek our support and assistance every day.

What distinguishes you is not just the fact that you succeed in doing what is expected of you, but that you rise to accomplish the unexpected. Even in the most demanding of circumstances, your dedication is evident in the extra effort that you regularly make to ensure the safety, security, comfort and well-being—both physical and emotional—of our healthcare users.

Therefore, we are extending to you our warmest and most sincere thanks for renewing your commitment on a daily basis and for upholding the legacy of excellence that is inherent in each of the facilities in which you serve. Your unique combination of disciplined professionalism and heartfelt service is what has consistently distinguished our CIUSSS among the providers of health care and social services in Quebec.

Alan Maislin
President, Board of Directors

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