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There are many housing options overseen by Maimonides, available for Montreal's Jewish seniors who are no longer able to live alone. Each option provides different levels of accommodation, care and support. As a result of providing improved access for Montreal's seniors, Maimonides is experiencing shorter waiting lists. The current average wait for heavier care clients to get into Donald Berman Maimonides Geriatric Centre is significantly reduced from years past. This is good news for members of the Jewish community who now have access to the quality care they need when they need it, with shorter waits. The care provided at Maimonides is second-to-none and the Centre's staff, volunteers, and generous donors have created a vibrant and innovative environment. Access to all of the Maimonides Resources is done through the CLSC or hospital social work department. 

Services Available

Respite Stays

Caregivers experience tremendous levels of stress and need a break. For example, if you have been taking care of your husband who has Parkinsons at home for the last two years and you want to take a vacation or just need to recharge your batteries, Maimonides offers short-term relief. Four private rooms at the Centre are designated for respite care for 2-4 week stays at a government regulated cost of 15$ per day. Caregivers are entitled to 8 weeks of respite a year. It is important to note that this time may be booked in advance, for instance, to attend an out of town wedding or bar mitzvah. Access to this program is made by your CLSC case manager/social worker. 
It should be noted that respite residents are expected to bring with them their medications from home, and are expected to pay for their stay by cheque on the day of admission. In addition, Donald Berman Maimonides does not offer laundry services for those who come for respite care. 

Accredited Homes

 Accredited Homes are supervised home-like living environments for seniors who require assistance with their activities of daily living. Accredited Homes are often the first stop for seniors who can no longer care for themselves in their own home.

In these residences: 

  • Home managers live on-site 
  • 3-9 residents are accommodated per home 
  • Meals, laundry and assistance with personal hygiene is provided 
  • Spiritual and social services is available 
  • Kosher (MK) is available 
  • Affordable government-regulated costs 
  • Supervised by Maimonides 

If you require more information about alternatives to long-term care facilities, please contact your local CLSC or hospital social services. 

Non-Institutional Resources

Maimonides has formed partnerships with Lev-Tov Seniors Residence and MaisonPaternelle/ BateiAvos as Non-InstitutionalResources (NIR). NIR are the next step in the continuum of care. They are ideal for individuals who can no longer live independently or in the network of Accredited Homes and do not require the higher level of care that is provided at Donald Berman Maimonides Geriatric Centre. 

Non-InstitutionalResources provide residents with the following: 

  • room and board 
  • assistance with activities of daily living 
  • regular visits by a physician 

Maimonides provides a professional team made up of: 

  • a nurse on-site several days a week 
  • an occupational therapist 
  • a social worker. 
  • other resources are available as needed. 

If you require more information about alternatives to long-term care facilities, please contact your local CLSC or hospital social services.


  • Owned by the Azoulay Family/ Managed by ArikAzoulay
  • Home-like Jewish environment 
  • Located adjacent to Cote-St-Luc 
  • 70 beds 
  • Varied program activities and holiday celebrations 
  • Approved (MK) Kosher 
  • Affordable government-regulated costs 
  • Maimonides care-team on site

Long-Term Care

Donald Berman Maimonides Geriatric Centre provides 387 beds in a long-term care facility.  Within the 387, there four respite beds.

Becoming a resident at Donald  Berman Maimonides

In accordance with government regulations, all requests for placement in Donald Berman Maimonides Geriatric Centre are processed by a centralized Admissions Committee of the Health and Social Services Agency - a committee composed of healthcare professionals. 

A social worker from the community - either at a CLSC or an acute care hospital - must make the official request to the Health and Social Services Agency who then prioritizes those on the waiting list according to the urgency of each case. 

There is a room charge in all long-term care public establishments. This charge is determined by the Ministère de la main d'oeuvre et de la Sécurité du revenu, and is based on a sliding scale according to the assets of the individual. 

Every attempt is made to provide the resident with the type of accommodation he/she prefers although this may not always be possible at the time of admission. 

Effective January 1st, 2021, there have been changes to the room rates. These increases come directly from the Provincial Government. Donald Berman Maimonides does not set room rates.
The maximum monthly rate for a private room is now $ 2,079.90
The maximum monthly rate for a semi-private room is now $ 1,737.60.

 If you have any questions, please contact our Admitting Office at (514) 483-2121 ext 2249.

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